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Question about our currency value.


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I know this isn't entirely coin related but this is the only place I could think with people who may be able to ask.


How much was a half penny worth in 1983 compared to the value of a penny from then today? or rather, does a penny today have less buying power than a half penny in 1983? How would I calculate this?


Thanks for any help :)

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Check this LINK hope that helps.


Edit: by using the above link

In 2010, the relative worth of £1.00 from 1983 is:

£2.63 using the retail price index

£2.55 using the GDP deflator * Using average earnings.

£4.30 using the per capita GDP

£4.73 using the share of GDP

By any of the above a present day(2010 latest figures) penny's buy power is less than a 1/2 penny in 1983.

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