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Sample or promo slab feed back welcome


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Nice article Alan. I have to agree that "SAMPLE" or not is in the eye of the purchaser. The luncheon type slabs have become quite hard to find and are getting more expensive monthly, that tells me that there are more and more collectors of slabs. I have a friend who has two of the State Quarter slabs from the luncheon. He got the first at the luncheon and the second for $5.00 from a friend who had been at the same luncheon and had not interest in this "specialty slab". Times change many things.


Keep enjoying your collecting and have fun writing your articles. (PS. I'm supposed to attend two luncheons at FUN this coming January and both would typically produce "luncheon" slabs. I'll let you know what happens.

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Hi Art2

That was very kind comment on my article.

You are correct luncheon slabs or any type of special event sample are going for more and more each month.

I do think the hobby has really taken off and the fun is just starting.

All the Best


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