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British West Africa 2 Shilling 1919


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Hi guys, I am a militaria collector mainly, but I have come across a few coins in the process and wondered if any are particularly collectable and what they might be worth. The first I'd like your opinions on is a 1919 British West Africa 2 Shilling coin. The one pictured is not mine but I tried to find an example in the closest condition. I'm in the process of photographing the ones I consider most interesting. Any comments appreciated chaps, thanks a lot!



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If you want to see some BWA coins, just go under the British Commonwealth sub-forum here. In this condition the coin will not be worth much more than the silver content value - it is very heavily circulated. Generally BWA silver issues are popular, lower grades are in $10-15 range (US market) while higher grades can go up to 30-50-100+ for extremely well preserved examples. But they are not rarities.

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