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Couple of coin albums - China and Fiji


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Won a couple of coin albums with coins in them and they both came in this week. They really look neat.


Pics can be found here: http://gxseries.com/coin_albums/


This is a couple of examples:






The Fiji coin album is actually complete - can't possibly look any better other than upgrading some of the tougher coins. I'm pretty surprised to see that the Dansco album is copyrighted back in 1966 - could mean the album is really pretty old??? Makes you wonder why Dansco have trouble creating new albums these days.


The Chinese album is missing some of the rarest key date. I guess it's another collection with holes in them.


Hopefully I get time to photograph them all... And I realize it's Fiji not Fuji as in Mount Fuji or Fuji speedway...


That's all for now.

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