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Trying to get serious with collecting British coins


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Hi, everyone.


I'm trying to get serious with coin collecting now. I've got plans: Pre-Decimal coins from 1900-1971, and Decimal coins from 1971/Release-Present.


Up until now, all of my collection consists of what I've received as change, and as a result I've got loads of the Decimal coins, and keep getting the same ones in change. How would I go about getting the coins I'm missing?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello, DJMonty! :art:


1900 through to present day is a brilliant and challenging task. Are you thinking of all in a minimum grade or just an example? All denominations or just high value such as sovereigns or just low value like farthings?


For coins like these I'd say your best bet would be eBay but make sure you do your homework before you bid. Otherwise, dealers' trays at fairs, markets, shops as well as antique shops would be a great way of getting these coins.


Hope this helps somewhat!

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When you said I should do my homework before buying from eBay, why is that? I'm guessing there are copious amounts of forgeries around?


As in make sure you have a quick check of sellers' feedbacks, know what you're buying and just generally have your wits about you. I don't mean to put you off as I buy many, many coins from eBay and rarely have a problem but it does pay to be cautious sometimes.


One thing I would say is that it's always worthwhile buying the best grade you can afford within your budget. It'll be more likely to pay dividends in the future.

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So you're going to build a typeset 1900 to present. That's a great collection. Many of the coins will be easily acquired in decent grades. I wish you the best of luck with it and hope that you'll stick around and let us know how you're doing. You might consider going back through the last few Popular Coin Idol threads (PCIxxxx, etc) You'll get a look at some really great looking coins there.

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If you are starting out your collection, I would give this some consideration as it may save you a fortune!

Don't look on ebay for a 1956 farthing that may cost you £1.49 including P&P, why not try typing in job lot, or kilo, then in the side bar click on the coins & banknotes option, you can get 300 coins for £20, they won't all be different but you put the multiples back on ebay for 99p and use the money that raises to buy gap fillers for your collection.

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