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German Coin found


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I am a Fur Trapper and while I was digging to set a fox trap this week, I found this coin burried at the foot of a rock wall along with a pair of dog tags from a soldier.The dog tags were rusted to small pieces and all that was left of them was the metal outline of them. I cleaned the coin up and it has writing stamped on the edge of it that reads,"Bayer Hauptmonzamt" I looked the coin up and found this web site. I tried putting some pictures of the coin on here but they didnt come through so if you want pictures, e-mail me and i'll send them to your e-mail address and tell me something about it and it's worth. <<edit>> The coin appears to have Hitlers picture on one side and an eagle on the other side with a swastika on the eagles chest. The coin has a hole in it where the date is and I can make out 19- and thats all.I did find on the internet that that coin was made in 1936 during the olympics and that Jesse Owens won the track event and made hitler furious because hitler was trying to premote his "Aryan Nation" idea to the world. I think it was on the dog tag chain the soldier had around his neck when he either lost it or laid it down and forgot about it. No other pieces of his belongings were found with the coin and dog tags except an old piece of canvas bag fastener that had rotted away and a rusted out pocket knife where I dug and I dug up a trench about 10 feet long in 3 directions 5 feet wide and a foot deep looking for other things he may have left there. if you got any questions about this coin contact me at: lonnienjobryant@yahoo.com and I'll be glad to answer questions.

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