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1 Rouble 1890


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It is issue around 90000 pieces and R in Bitkin .. much less popular than 1891,2,3,4 ..

I would say that VF coin should cost 300-350 USD .. for nice XF you can expect 1200 -1400 USD ...

But this is only my opinion. For sure when you check auctions - you will see higher prices, mainly because of the fact that they were selling AUNC/UNC coins..

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I would say that 1890 rouble the second rarest of Alexander III portrait roubles after 1889 (not counting patterns).

VF is at least $500 (nice VF coin was just yesterday sold at Russian web-auction for approx. $535- see picture):

Resize of VF-535.jpg


For "nice XF you can expect" $2,500 up (I failed to attach the picture of coin sold for $2,750 in October).

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