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Napoleonic Era Trial Strike 1802 by Tiolier

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SOCIETE D'ENCOURAGEMENT 1802 54mm (pewter like metal) by Tiolier, Pierre Joseph(1763-1819) Medallist & coin-engraver, who was appointed Engaver-general of French coins in March 1803. This is an early unifaced trial strike with numerous changes before the final die was engraved. Some of the things to note; The caduceus was repositioned, no inscription in the exergue(FONDEE LE IX BRUM.AN X.1802), not signed, the inscription rotated slightly anti-clockwise, the lowest decoration on the pillar is different, the retort & receiver are differently shaped, the oven below the retort is likewise differently shaped etc.


A gold example awarded in 1834 for comparison, which was struck from the original dies.


The Société d'Encouragement pour l'Industrie Nationale was founded in 1801 by Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul, and J.A. Chaptal who was its first president. The Society of Encouragement was intended to stimulate industrial development and improvement of agriculture, arts and manufacturing in France. Its means of action consisted of distribution of reward money &/or medals awarded to those who invented, perfected, machines or processes relevant to the various branches of industry etc that were introduced in France & successfully tested.

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Neat! Is the piece corroded, or were the dies rusty?


A finish appears to have been applied to the obverse & sides before or after the strike & it has bubbled &/or corroded, due either to poor storage or an incompatibilty between the finish & the underling metal, or a combination of both, not struck from rusted dies.


If this had been just a medal I would have probably passed on it because of its bad case of the measles, but as a possibly unique trial piece I could not let it go. I love trial strikes, but especially ones that show diferences to the finished die.

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