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Crispus (317-326 ad)


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Crispus was without doubt one of the Roman Empire's greatest soldiers. Some mystery surrounds his origins but he is generally felt to have been first son of Constantine and Minervina (first wife / consort of Constantine). Crispus was raised to the rank of Caesar in 317 ad and was key to the defeat of Licinius in the Eastern Roman Empire. Unfortunately for Crispus, he was tried and executed by his `father' Constantine for reasons unknown. However Constantine subsequently executed his own wife Fausta. One story was that Fausta had told Constantine that Crispus had made a play for her and in his anger Constantine ordered his death. On finding out his wife's lie, Constantine then ordered her demise. Of course, maybe there was some hanky panky going on between Crispus and Fausta which Constantine got wind of........maybe there was some other reason entirely we just don't know, but poor Crispus was killed in any event.


This coin was minted at Aquileia in North Eastern Italy in 321 ad (RIC VII Aquileia 99). It's apparently very rare (R3)



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