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What is this Chinese piece please?


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The back is marked "pure silver" but these "antique silver ingots" are of very modern manufacture (last 5 years) from China, and are made of base white metal, possibly containing lead, arsenic, and other metals that normally would be prohibited from normal use in the west. Silver content, if any, is usually very little.


Ebay is plagued with these items, particularly from China and England based sellers. (I'm guessing someone must had imported a great quantity to England where many ended up in the hands of unknowing dealers and collectors)


If you bought it recently, I would suggest returning it for a full refund.

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Yes I think apart from 'decorative value' complete rubbish. I think they have been sold on Ebay for 1p + hefty postage.


The dealer I bought it from sold is for £18.00 so not too happy with that...


I think I will try to trade it back for something else....

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