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France R error in 'FR' ET NAV REX desctiption 4 sols 1691

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Hi I have this silver 4 sols 1691

The R appears doubled at the bottom possibly R over I ??? or something else. Is this a recognised error I do not have the specialised French coin books. It affects the first stroke of the R in FR.


I was directed here from the predecimal site as they said there might be more specialist French coin 17th century collectors/experts.


I realise the grade is quite poor but the error might lift the value. Could anyone help with what type of error it is I wish to sell on the Bay.






Thanks Russ777

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Thankyou as a 'variety' what might someone pay??


You're welcome. As for what someone might pay, that's the million dollar / pound question - there's no answer really.


How should I describe the variety for selling on Ebay Repunched??? R over punched another letter variety???


Either. It's probably an I or a P under the R. (though I wouldn't rule out an incomplete R)

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Hi did they ever put larger letters on the die in error?


The more I look at it the more it looks like a larger F that the first F of FRE. As there is a end of a letter flat at the top right of the 'R'and also a bit going through gap in the R.


Could have a large F been punched in and then an R hastily put over the top??


Or were there no other letter sizes in the die makers letter tray. How would the error have occurred? We would not see the end of the middle stroke as that is shorter than the top stroke of the possible larger F.


Anyone who could advice how this variety occurs



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Hi Russ --


I collect French coins, but I'm not familiar with this sort of overstrike on this coin. Of course, many French coins of the era were struck on older coins, although this may not be the case here. I'll go look in my Gadoury to see if he says anything about this piece and date.

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The challenge of collecting french coinage of this era (the reign of Louis XIIII (aka XIV)) is finding coins in a collectable grade that DON'T have some form of overstrike, repunched letters or numbers or other flaws. The silver coinage especially was very re-cyclable. Well done on spotting the `anomaly' but don't hold your hopes for a premium for it.

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The more I look at it the more it looks like a larger F that the first F of FRE.

My first impression was the same...it could be an "F" by the way it protrudes from the upper right of the R.

I also think this is a die variety--a mistake was made that was fixed. An overstruck coin would have flattened underlying letters.

I don't collect French coins, but it's always possible it's documented somewhere. Some die varieties have a good premium, among coins I collect.

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Ian is right. Gadoury points out that all of the 4 sols aux deux L that are dated between 1691 and 1700 were struck over the earlier 4 sols dits "des Traitants" (1674-1679). You've got a piece of the earlier coin appearing under the later strike.

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