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From a previous post of mine;


" the top medal, has a plain edge. It joins the other 2, middle one straight engrailed edge, lower one diagonally engrailed edge. The new one is not signed Kettle below the bust, does that ring a bell?



Obv. Similar to No. 994. Laureate head of George III, right. GOD PROTECTS THE JUST

Rev. Name of Jehovah in Hebrew above rays shining down on Imperial crown. FEAR GOD HONOUR THE KING

Br. 25 by Thomas Kettle. RRRR. Highest rarity in BHM,





It looks like they used the unsigned die from 1810 again in 1820 for the unsiged death medal. Notice the distance from the 'C' to the bust, the unsigned medals have a smaller gap. Also the latest addition is copper(can see it peeking through in places, though it appears to have been gilded, Brown only listed this in brass, the 3rd one also looks more bronze or copper than brass. It is sometimes hard to tell for sure"


BHM = British Historical Medals, a 3 vol. set covering the period 1760-1960 by Laurence Brown.

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