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What is the colossus? It is not an action hero, or chain of cinemas, nor is it a burger, a pizza, or an ale. Neither is it an amusement ride.


It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Located at Rhodes, it was a giant statue of Helios, the sun god, overlooking the harbour. Completed in 280 BC, it stood about 30m tall and commemorated their victory of 305 BC over an attacking army from Cyprus. It was felled by an earthquake in 226 BC.


This silver hemidrachm dates from about a century later.



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Far from being colossal in size, this little guy measures 13mm. Got it at a local show and brought it out today since it's raining.


I'm glad that that's the only reason you saved it for a rainy day as it's a coin that would be a pleasure to keep. Nice piece! :bthumbsup:

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Comparing Alexander with Helios I wonder if they intended Helios to ressemble Alexander, try to image Helios without the damaged nose.


The portrayal of Alex the Big Yin has a remarkable similarity to that nice wee hemi drachm.

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But was not the coinage of Alexander himself sometimes made to style him as Zeus?


Much of the coinage of Alexander's father had more or less the same portraiture as appears on Alex's coinage, so it can be very reasonably argued that Alex's coinage merely continued the precedent already set by his father, whichever god or godling it was supposed to be.


Helios on the other hand shouldn't look like any other god (or mortal).

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