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1993 Planchet Error 20p

Joe Mc

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My name is Joe, I am new to the forum.


I am mainly a Medal collector, mostly WW1 as I love the research too, I have actually reunited some with the recipients Gradchildren etc who thought they were long gone. I do however have a soft spot for British an U.S currency and sometimes I get coins through 'job lot's' of medals I buy.


Today I got this 20p and I nearly gave it back to the seller as I thought it was 'just a 20p' but the error was pointed out.


I have done a google search and it brings me to this forum, great site! I have learned that it is a Planchet error and I think it is a great little item.


I have a few questions and any help would be much appreciated.


1) How many of these are likely to be in existance? I know that is next to impossible to know but a 'guesstimate' would be great.


2) What is the approximate value? This won't be for sale either way, as I love the unusual and exotic but always nice to know.


I appreciate you time, pics to follow. On the subjet of picture, sorry about the quality. We have just moved house and we are yet to unpack th camera!

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I've seen two similar, and by the ambiguous edge have assumed them to be ground down 20p. I took the digital microscope to the one I had, and there were definite machining marks; and it had also been machine finished and polished.


Different thickness to a standard 20p, and no machining marks on this example even under magnafication, so I highly doubt that but thanks for the input.


If this was buffed/polished then there inevitably would be a loss of detail, have a look at the Crowns and you will see no evidence of this.


Foul play was the first thing that came to mind for me too but I checked snd dismissed this.


What looks most likely to me is a forign Planchet has been stamped in error. I have a feeling this could be made of aluminium (Like some forign coins) rather than C.n as it should be.


Does anybody have an answer to my actual questions?


Many thanks!

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If it's a foreign planchet, an accurate weight and diameter would be a great help.

There's probably someone on the forum who knows exactly what overseas coinage is produced by the Royal Mint, and can narrow down the intended coin.


That would be great, I'd love to know what the blank was intended for!


Unfortunatly it won't be until monday now as my calipers and digital scales are in work.


Thanks for your help.

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