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More Chinese coins


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Decided to compile what I had and it looks pretty neat. In particular when you put all the different Chinese Province coins together on one page, it looks pretty awesome. I'm down to a few more coins which a couple of them should be easy but I just keep on missing out on them but I'm sure I'll get them some day. Most recent win and one of the tougher coin is the Chinese Soviet silver coin.




A lot more difficult than you expect.


Also added in the Manchukuo (Manchuria) page struck during the Japanese occupation. Looks pretty neat I guess.


Here are the pages:






Hope you enjoy.

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Very nice gx. Your webpages are wonderfully done and I really enjoyed seeing the coins displayed together along with information that I can read about them.

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2 jiao (if you're using pinyin mandarin). jiao = dime, so it's a 20-cent coin.


As with some "big money" coins of the era, the other side remarks "every five pieces equals one dollar"


Also, year is 1933.

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Chinese coins can be very challenging because of the characters as well as the massive amount of counterfeits floating around. I think it was around this era when simplified Chinese characters started to come in so that's why you may see two different ways of writing the same character. For instance this table here is a good example:




And then there's a few ways of writing denominations as well. Here's a few examples:


5 li:




1 cent:




Half "dime" or 5 cents:




10 cents - where it can be written as 1 jiao




20 cents




Half yuan:





Can be quite complicated! :)

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