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100,000 coins contest

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OmniCoin database just hit 100,000 coins!!! :manana: :manana: :manana: I'd like to thank everyone for their support over the years.


To celebrate this momentous occasion I'm giving away a number of coins.


To enter the contest guess the date when OmniCoin database will reach 102,000 coins.


The entry closest to the correct date will win the highest value prize, but there will be a lot of other prizes and everyone who enters will win a coin.


The contest will close on November 8 or earlier when 102,000 size is reached.


You can see the number of coins on OmniCoin on this page: http://www.omnicoin.com/top25coins/


Good luck! :art:

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Nov 14 I guess. But hey, wouldn't this just encourage more people uploading more coin photos to omnicoin? :P



Almost all of my mint and proof sets going back to the 50's I never took pictures of and uploaded. :evilbanana:


Plus the metal detector finds and even a few coins I picked up the last month I have not added.

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