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Halloween - let's celebrate in Numismatics


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OK so Halloween is the next "big" holiday on the horizon (I think). So let's have a celebration of Halloween and halloween type things in Numismatic materials. Frankly I don't think I have anything that qualifies to kick this off but I'll take a look. Have fun.

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Okay, first on kind of looks like a pumpkin from the top. H.F. Hohlt store token born December 16, 1859 In 1890 he was president of the First National Bank in Brenham Texas and also a merchant.




This one you need a magician during Halloween. Even if he is the second worlds greatest one. Robert K. Phelps Worlds second greatest magician. (Hey, that's what it says on it.)




Next one something out of a child's nightmare. German 5 Mark commemorative Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen .625 silver




And headless statues are fitting for Halloween. 1984 Los Angeles summer olympics proof and uncirculated.






A few skulls for Halloween. Drop Hammer minting from Texas Renaissance Festival. And Grateful Dead Steal your face skull logo. Grateful Dead Steal Your Face chip from Vegas strip








Halloween from way back. Drop hammer minted at the Texas Renfest 2007 greenman.




Edit: Halloween has nature back ground so. Germany Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 12 mariengroschen (1/3 Thaler) Rudolf August wild man grasping stick KM 504 Somebody needed to make change. Old cut on edge.



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Great Halloween goodies guys. I'd never thought of most of those. Somewhere I have some notgeld that would fit the "spirit" of the ocassion.

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