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Anyone here help?


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Have another find someone needs help on:


i have recently come across an extremely rare find, this is a ring that perhaps dates back to the time frame of BC but i am unable to identify the royal emblem which is cut into an original carnelian stone (unheated) very rare, i am needing help on trying to find perhaps the royal family this belonged to and the time era, give or take a century, but i have done several test to prove the stone is in fact authentic but i have no way of discovering the time frame in which it came from,but i believe its going to be persian, i am currently stationed over seas in a disclosed area,, thank you for your time and help



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Cool ring. I used to collect ancient/medieval rings myself. Still have a number of them.


From what I could gather in my short time collecting them, these types of rings had designs that reused for centuries. Makes it pretty hard to pinpoint a certain century/dynasty/emperor/etc that it might have been made during.


Here's a couple as I don't have pics of most of them. The scorpion intaglio I no longer have and wish I had kept. The patina was a very nice dark green color, the size was about a 6, too small for even my pinky. Was sold as a greek ~2nd century BC piece. No idea how accurate that description is, but still a cool ring.




This other ring I still have and is my favourite. Wearable size 9 1/2 nice patina and neat Crusader looking cross. Was found in modern day Bulgaria/Turkey, approx 11th-13th century.



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