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1793 2 kopek


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This is one of the tougher coins to find








About the location of the mintmark, would you say it is on the side of the horse, instead of under it?


This is suposedly a Paul's recoining coin - trying to find the underlying image and this one has me defeated. Nevertheless, pretty neat. Coin has a different color now as I put it under verdicare trying to get rid of the verdigris.

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very nice paul's overstrike, I believe I can see E or part of it on its left side, not under a horse, sorry; I want this coin also with letters under horse, still looking around; BTW, what edge does it have, gxseries ?

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Yes, interesting, what edge type they have and what does the edge look like.


I have lately obtained one of these with an edge so even that if I did not know I should look for an ornament I would say the edge was smooth from the start. However, the smooth look must be the result of wear as the real alternatives are reticulated (сетчатый) or lettered edge (с гуртовой надписью)and finally I found on my specimen something that could be seen as the faint rests of a network - but only in one place.


Interestingly, there is a small number of these coins found today with a similar even and smooth edge that my specimen has. Some collectors have doubted the authenticity of two of these newly seen specimens in the internet, but they all look very convincing to me on the whole, and some like mine bear easily recognizable details of the host coin.


So, (1) either the edge of these coins is sometimes so worn, that it resembles a smooth edge, or (2) the smooth edge belongs to some (relatively new ?) counterfeit, or (3) there exists a real smooth edge variety, hitherto overlooked third undertype of this coin that is unknown to literature.

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