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Deutschsprachige Notmünzen (...) 1840 bis 2002


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Hello! :)


Does any of you have Peter Menzel book "Deutschsprachige Notmünzen und Geldersatzmarken im In- und Ausland 1840 bis 2002" from 2005? I'm looking for iinformationabout jetons from Lodz, Poland - if you're able to make few scans and send them to me (my e-mail: dagonx {no@spam} onet.eu), I'll be very glad.

Unfortunately, in Poland, it's almost impossible to get this book.


I'll write it in a different way - does anybody could check for me something in this book? I'm looking for information about two jetons:

- Kirchen Gesang Verein Lodz "Anna" (in the old Peter Menzel's book it was #19070.1)

- Kirchen Gesang Verein der Trinitat Gemeinde Lodz (in the old PM's book i was #19073.1)

I just want to know if Peter Menzel wrote something about different types of this jetons. If yes, what's the differences between the types (to be honest I need photos of them).


Thanks for help!


Thanks for help!

DagonX B)




OK, I've found information about these jetons somewhere else. :)

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