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Rolled Pennys


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Assuming that you're from the US. My penny search breakdown works like this.



Keep - anything that I need for my albums/folders


Keep - anything copper/brass 1982 and before


Errors -- I don't bother unless something were to jump out at me.



Have fun and good luck on your searches. You might want to give nickel searching a try too. It's been very productive for the folks here lately.

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Errors, Art? Man, I dont think I've ever found an error in change. I'd keep it, no matter how minor!


I keep them if I see them. I just don't do the microscope thingie.

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Pretty much, I'd keep all:


Wheat pennies

S mints ('68-74)

Anything uncirculated (especially if before 1990)

Errors (in particular the '98-'00 Wide AM... look it up; apparently people have been finding a lot recently)

Foreign coins

2009 pennies - There are 4 designs, all of which are rare. They were hoarded as soon as the mint announced it would be scaling back production, so be sure to snag any nice specimens. The final (Presidency) design is the most rare by far.


Since about 20-30% of any given batch will be copper (1982 and before), many of us hoard these coins separately. The copper in them is worth about 2-3x face value, but it is illegal to melt them. So, it's your call whether you want to keep them.


Also, you have two options when searching through pennies:

1. Get sealed boxes from cash vault companies (Brinks, Loomis, Dunbar). They are handled in very, very large batches and never searched by hand. They tend to have a better chance of yielding something valuable. There is also a decent chance of getting rolls of uncirculated 2010/2011 coins.

2. Get coins that customers have brought in. Generally, you will not find anything particularly valuable, but from my experience these yield much more foreign coins and other such fun goodies.

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Can any of the 2009 cents really be considered "Rare"?


2009 P Birthplace 284,400,000

2009 D Birthplace 350,400,000

2009 P Formative 376,000,000

2009 D Formative 363,600,000

2009 P Professional Life 316,000,000

2009 D Professional Life 336,000,000

2009 P Presidency 129,600,000

2009 D Presidency 198,000,000

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