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Obv. Crowned, veiled, draped bust of Queen Victoria left, within beaded circle. VICTORIA REGINA.

Rev. View of the Albert Hall, on a tablet below: STRUCK IN /EXHIBITION/M.D.CCC.LXXII

30mm AE C; WM C. by J.S. & W.B. Wyon

Originally sold in circular cardboard boxes by the artists from their premises in Regent Street, London.


Rarity letter C. = common. Brown rates rarity as CC, C, N, R, RR, RRR, RRRR.


There is a companion medal BHM#2942, same reverse but with conjoined heads of Industry, Britannia & Mercury left.


The exhibition of fine arts, cotton, jewellery, stationery with machinery and raw materials was held in the Albert Hall, South Kensington, London, & opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on 1 May, it closed on 19 October 1872.


Edit. I only posted this once!!!! :shock:

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I know it can be very expensive, here is a link to a seller that has 2 of the vols for a good price & not too expensive shipping, if you are only interested in the Victorian period, 1837-1901 Vol 2 is fine, Georgian, 1760-1837 you need Vol 1, those are the two that this seller has available http://www.ebay.ca/itm/BRITISH-HISTORICAL-MEDALS-VOLUME-II-LAURENCE-BROWN-T-/230573617603?pt=UK_Coins_Medals_RL&hash=item35af4231c3



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