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Let's celebrate Columbus

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Well you guys really caught my attention on this one.

So here is my contribution!<p><p>

<img src=http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/0/2/4/5/7/0/webimg/512633558_o.jpg><p><p>

A copy of Nathan Eglit's Columbiana--The Medallic History of Christopher Columbus.<br>

Autographed none the less!<br>

Three original tickets to the Columbian Expo printed by the American Bank Note Company (1893).<br>

A souvenir collectors sterling silver spoon depicting the Fish and Fisheries Building at the Expo.<br>

And last but not least a Columbian Half Dollar given to me by my Grandfather over 40 years ago.


Good stuff.

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I really like these coins. One of the very first Commemoratives I ever owned. That's probably true for a fair number of us. Great coin.


Hi Art

I have been trying to get one of those for a long time.

That one is a beauty!


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Got this in the mail the other day. A bit late for the celebrate Columbus thread but a nice piece.




PS35 1981 Stamp Collectors Month by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr


Here's a closeup of the Columbus stamp from this souvenir card



PS35 1981 Stamp Collectors Month - Columbus $5 Stamp by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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So Columbus Day has come and gone but does that mean that our celebration of this great man is over. Maybe not.


I got a fine Christmas card the other day from ccg with two really neat notes inside. Both are from El Salvador and both celebrate the voyages of Columbus. So here they are.











Note the Christmas greeting on the 10 colones note.

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I've never seen the case before but I've managed to l;ocate three of the medals.


The case is nicely made and holds the medals in their plastic holders. I've never seen the medals other than in sets. Good luck with hunting them down. The hunt is sometimes a lot of fun. :bthumbsup:

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Added this Columbus to omnicoin today.





As you can tell I've been messing with lighting again and am not really happy with the results or my ability to overcome the pinkish cast in the editor. I think it's time for a new and different kind of bulb in the light that I'm using. Either that or I'm going to do some more experimenting with flash vs. static lighting.

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If I remember correctly this stamp (the set it was part of) was later re-issued in the 90s (?)


I believe you're correct on that one. In a few years of the 90s they reissued a bunch of older stamps as parts of souvenir sheets and in some cases with new postage amounts as part of what I believe they called "Year Sets".

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This was my first US commem. I waited for a while until I saw one I liked.

Now that coin has character! :bthumbsup:



I certainly agree on that. Great looking half. :bthumbsup:

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