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Auctions with Russian coins & medals. October 2013


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coin discussion is not in this section but peter kopek you showing there is gorgeous !

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09.06 was Morton and Eden auction.

39 amazing Alexander I silver coins sold, coins are here.



I was curious about where they are from and is there more to come. I googled it and found a great story behind these gems.


LONDON.- A group of rare silver Tsarist coins in extraordinary condition has been discovered among a large cache of otherwise mainly unremarkable coinage by specialist London auctioneers Morton & Eden. The 39 coins, struck during the reign of Alexander I, could raise as much as £100,000 when they are offered for sale on June 10. They were found by Jeremy Cheek when he was sifting through hundreds of small old envelopes of coins sent for appraisal by a descendant of an eastern European family whose members had emigrated to the West many years ago. Most was worn common coinage of low commercial value, but one envelope contained what appears to be part of a set of silver kopecks of different dates and face values struck by Tsar Alexander I who ruled as Emperor of Russia from 1801 until his death in 1825. The coins are small, ranging from 14mm to 22mm (0.55-0.87 inches) in diameter. “I was really surprised to find them in an otherwise fairly ordinary group of coins,” Mr Cheek said, “and moreover I was astonished by their condition. Clearly they have never been in circulation. Their origin remains a mystery. Each coin is a different variety, there being no duplication, and yet there are no apparent records of such a set having been issued.” Given their exceptional state of preservation, it was felt the coins should be officially graded for their condition to be fully appreciated by collectors. They were sent to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) whose specialists inspected each coin individually. Coins are graded on a scale up to MS70, MS standing for “Mint State”. Most of the coins were rated at MS64 or above, five of them at MS66. The group also includes coins with extremely rare dates. A 10 kopecks of 1803 is the most valuable. It was graded at MS65 on the PCGS scale and is estimated at £15,000-20,000. A 5 kopecks of 1812 (MS64), is estimated at £8,000-12,000, and a 5 kopecks of 1825 (also MS64), is estimated at £6,000-8,000.

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Thank you for sharing! No doubt this is the most interesting coins in the group:


Do you know what they meant by saying this: "Each coin is a different variety, there being no duplication, and yet there are no apparent records of such a set having been issued."? Yes, it is the best looking of them all in ref. to 1803 SPB AI coins that passed through the market so far (and it is amazing!), but what set issue are they talking about? Are they implying an illegal novodel restrike with original dies?


What is really striking about this coins - it's condition. Particularly, the double circle, that normally has a characteristic problem at 2 O'clock on reverse and often on averse as well. Here it is in perfect condition...




Another interesting thing is that the reverse of all coins that went through the market is different from the coin presented by VKGM in his catalog (look at position of SPB):




Any comments?

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I havent even tought about this type of 10 kopecks as far as you. I have long to go before these kind of coins.

This set thing was confusing, like they meant that bank gave this set out, different varieties and all coins approx. same quality(as new).

About the prices:

this 10 kop. sold 28 000.- pound. (+ BP i think=


The most expensive!!! 5 kop. 1812 bitkin R3


39 000.- pound



And this coin, estimate was smallest and i even bid on that one.


Sold 5000 !!!! pound



5 kop 1825 R3

20000.- pound



All 39 coins together 238,100.- pound

Well played morton and eden

Prices here


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