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Queen Caroline death medal


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I recently found this medal while sorting through items. One side features her bust with the words "Caroline Queen of England" and "died Aug 7, 1821 E'53". The other side has what looks like her figure face down with the words "though destroy'd by the storm, may her soul rest in peace". Does anyone know where it comes from and it has any worth? Thanks. Sorry there are no photos, but my camera does not take good closeups.

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Welcome :art: This is British Historical Medal(BHM) #1146 41mm, unknown engraver, listed only in bronze(AE) R.(for rare) & pewter(Pr) N.(normal), though yours could be white metal(WM), as BHM has some omissions...perhaps yours is pewter?


As to value, without pictures it is harder to tell because condition is so important. AE. usually commands a better price than Pr., or WM. On Ebay you should get in the range of $20-$50 but, unlike coins, there is no exact price guides, the number of collectors is relatively small, you might get 2 or more pushing the price up, or just one bidding, so on any given day you could get more or less than that.

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