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None are better in my opinion. I've seen some nice Asian ones, but most seem to get lost in the surrounding design of the note. I've a couple of St. George and the Dragon depictions on notes too, but they are mostly the "wormy" or "serpent" kind rather than the classic European style depicted on the 1904 German note you've posted.

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I had three in mind when I wrote earlier. These are them:


Bhutan - asian style dragon


Russia - St. George & the Dragon (a very snake/worm looking dragon)


Norway - with a decent replication of a woodcut on of a warrior and a dragon (I don't think it's supposed to be St. George)


The images are not to scale [edit - Many earlier Russian notes have St. George and the dragon hidden in the center of the seal... Like on the coins, you need a strong loupe to make it out decently though.]



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