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Princess Charlotte

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BHM#944 Death Princess Charlotte 1817 by Kempson & Sons, 26mm Rare silvered AE.


Both the obverse & reverse are rarer variants from the normal medals. The obverse variant is easy to spot because of the pearled headband on the variant, whereas the regular medal has a plain headband. The reverse variant is easily spotted because there is only 1 branch on the bottom right of the tree, the normally seen medal has 2 branches bottom right, there are others differences both on the obverse & reverse. I have posted small images of the normally encountered medals.


What makes this even more special is the copy/reducing lines visible both on the obverse & reverse. The obverse copy/reducing lines are even visible on the lettering & the denticles which shows even these were machine cut in the die. Boulton had expressed the wish(1797) "I look to the time when it can cut the entire side of a coin or medal, not just the device." this because the engraving machines then available only cut the central image, the lettering was then hand punched into the die. This shows that by 1817 improvements had been made to the machine-engravers to enable the complete die to be machine-cut & just hand-finished by polishing etc.



These copy/reducing line medals I collect have the additional advantage of being, almost always, in near perfect condition & struck from 'virgin dies'.

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Very interesting. I've not seen the medals with the copy lines before. A great specialization for your collection.


Here are some of the others Art, hope you can see the lines in the smaller images. The last 2 are from the same die, which show some further work on the die after the first strike. You can see the pivot point of the cutter on the George III. If you searchs 'lines' in exonumia there are larger images posted. All are dated between 1800-1830.


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