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"Street" morgans - would like help on knowing the grade


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Something really looks off to me. Especially that 1880. It has Chinese fake qualities. The 0 in the date is slanted, mintmark is mushy, and it has that dull metal look that is common for fakes. Might also be the pics, but it looks larger to me than the one beside it. I'd imagine you bought them from the same person, craiglist/kijiji meetup perhaps? I'd be very suspect of both coins.


First step, grab a magnet. If it sticks, it stinks.


Second step, get an accurate scale and check the weights. Should weigh 26.7g, or just barely less than this.


Third step, get a ruler with millimeters on it. Coin should be 38.1mm in diameter, thickness of 3.1mm.


If it fails any of these, you have yourself some expensive paperweights.

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My guess would be vf 35's. The hair lines are on the weak side, but there is feathers showing on the eagles breast. Almost a split grade. One thing you don't see on a fake is the mark on the cheek of the 1880 S The 1884 has me puzzled. The marks on and below the eagles tail feathers seem strange. Since the lines on the tail feathers don't appear to be on the branch and that is higher. The same way with the lines in the field when they cross the wreath seem odd. Is it toning or damage? Damage is expected some what on a coin that grade. But because if damage it might drop over all grade some. In other words a low vf. Or be considered details.


BTW looks like it might be a doubled large mint S vam. And the 1884 may be a far date. This does not add a premium but check for doubling on the eye. Possibly


1884-P VAM-16 Alligator Eye, Far Date, Doubled 8

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