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1883 v cent silver USA coin


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The 1883 No Cents nickels are often referred to as Racketeer Nickels. Sceemers would plate them in gold and pass them as $5 gold pieces. Lore has it that they never said the coin was five dollars and never asked for change for five dollars but when handed the extra money would keep it. Since most of the country had not seen the new nickels before it was quite natural for them to assume 5 dollar gold.


There's also a legend that a young grifter named Joshua was one of the more notorious of these racketeers and pulled this scam many many times. That lead to a number of expressions like "Don't Josh me" and "No Joshing".


Perhaps someone has more info to add.

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again thank you,this all helps a lot,collywolly11.

hi ,iv been selling my late fathers coins on ebay for a month or so,not been able to tell forum until now,this coin is on ebay with the last of the coins,hope they are of some interest to people on here,ebay name collywolly11.forum members have bought some off me ,85 + feedback,shipping worldwide.kind regards colin.

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