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Hi everyone,


I really could do with some help. I have acquired 2 coins which I am unable to find anything about. One is a JFK dollar or commerative coin signed also with the words 'of those to whom much is given, much is required' I can't find any details. Secondly, a coin with the words 'Centennial of garden city New York' with a date of 1869-1969, the other side is Alexander T Stewart. I would be so grateful for any help.


Thanks, Maggie

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Sounds like medals. If you could post photos of both sides I'm sore someone will be along who can get you some info. Welcome to CoinPeople. Hope that you enjoy it here.

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Hello everyone, new member from the UK here.

Hello ,

Greetings from malaysia


Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Why not take a few seconds and tell us about what you collect?

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