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Going to Künker


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Good luck at the auction! Wish I could go, but too far for me.

There are some nice "big copper" targets to shoot at!

I always expect a wonder :bhyper: .....

- but mostly I can only watch them go. :blink:

Thank you for crossing fingers. Sigi





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So you decided to be a pilgrim ... Kunker is not a holly land :hysterical:

but for sure you will need miracle.

I will also pray to mighty god of numismatics to blind your oponents and let you win !!!


Thank you, Peter, you are a poet! :ok:





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Good luck, Sigi ... wish I could be there!


("Pressing my thumbs" ... a German expression which is equivalent to crossing my fingers).

Grüezi Bob, and thanks a lot :) Hope it will help. Sigi





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Not me this time around either.

Good luck, Sigi!

Thank you all - but it did not help. I only watched few coins, i.e. the large copper. The Siberian 10kop1767--(lettered edge) went away at EURO 4400 (nearly $6000). Who would have expected that price (plus gravy)! Sure it was a nice coin, the nicest I remember having seen. The edge lettering was weak and off center but bold, showing no wear. Too bad my pockets are not deep enough...

Another outstanding coin I viewed closely was the 5kop1794AM reoverstrike. It turned out to be wrongly attributed: it had edge 6(\\\\\\\\\) (Bitkin 176 - R4), not as described Bitkin 175 - R3 edge 5 (XXXXXXX). The overstrike job was almost too nice for AM, coin had a raw surface, color looked somewhat doctored. I did not feel tempted. That one fetched EURO 7500.

Only upon my return I read Alex's posting about reoverstrikes.

BTW, the coins were composed of various consignments.

The lot of 8 EM piataks contained an overlooked 1791EM reoverstrike, pretty rare but not very nice.

Few items viewed and yet 2 errors spotted.

Let's be positive - I saved the money.

Sigi :cry:

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