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Need Advice on Banknote Album


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It might be best to use a regular 3-ring binder, and buy individual pages/sheets of note holders to put into the binder so that you can customize it to accommodate notes of all sizes.


I'd recommend this too. It's very flexible to a varied collection. I think most people use this type of album.

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I've been looking into the same thing. I want something that looks a little nicer than a regular three ring binder, but I suppose you cant match the versitility


I use 2 1/2 inch Archival Binders with Slip Cases. They are much more expensive than regular binders, but they create a good micro climate and protect the notes a bit better and they look nice. This is what they look like Archival Methods Binders, I would shop around for a better price than here or just get regular binders with slip cases.

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I have got IMPORTA albums with a very good plastic without PVC plastic

This album has got four ... "rings" ( sorry for my english)


And I keep the album so that the rings are on top. The album is rotated so that the sheets are hung like when you hang clothes to dry

well, the Banknotes do not suffer from stress.











Santiago from Barcelona, Spain

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