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1913 War Of Liberation Prussia 2 Mark Silver Coin need some advice


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I am looking for some help with this coin.

I am going to sell this coin, but when I go on eBay to get an idea of price.

It ranges from $49.00 to $299.99.

I know the coin is in beautiful condition, for it's age ,

as you can see from the pictures I have taken.

What I kneed to know is how much to charge, that is fair, to both

myself and the buyer. The coin is is a cardboard and plastic cover.

Thank you so much




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Looking at sold listings (rather than what people are asking, which can be anything and is usually on the high side, hence lack of sale/bids), I'd say that $25-40 seems to be the range for an AU-ish pieces tend to trade for, and there's virtually no premium/discount for EF or UNC (unless high grade MS). Eye appeal seems to be the important factor, so you might want to try retaking the pictures in natural light since the yellow light reflection might be a bit distracting.

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Is it common to have multiple names for commemorative coinage ?


OP: 1913 War Of Liberation Prussia 3 Mark Silver Coins

YS Yeoman:"Centennial,Defeat of Napoleon"

Gunter Schon: The Centenary of The War of Liberation


Obv. Friedrich Wilhelm III on horseback surrounded by rejoicing crowd

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