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    • ccg's 1993 10 Pesos, Mexico
    • Art's 2005 2Euro Spain Don Quixote Commemorative

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ccg's 1993 10 Pesos, Mexico


Mexico's 10, 20, and 50 peso brass and silver bi-metallic coins of 1993-1995 were among the first circulating bi-metallic coins issued, and the perhaps the only silver coins in the world to be issued for use in normal circulation since the late 1960s. Of these three, only the 10 peso circulated much, and can be found in mid grades. The 20 and 50 peso coins, having paper money equivalents, were not popular, and so did not see much circulation, and are seldom encountered in grades below EF. The increasing price of silver drove these coins from circulation in the 2000s as their BV exceeded FV.


Art's 2005 2Euro Spain Don Quixote Commemorative


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