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Getting Hammered with Liz


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So at the CONA show this past weekend, I picked up an Elizabeth I piece about which, I must admit, neither the dealer nor I had much information -- it wasn't his specialty, and I know bupkus about coins like this. I believe it's a sixpence; the flip pegged the date somewhere between 1595 and 1598, but didn't indicate the denomination.




I'm working on getting a larger, more detailed image that might bring out some additional points by which it could be positively identified. I've been crawling the Internet for information on Elizabeth I issues, but I don't really know what to look for; right now, I'm starting to think that the date on the flip is wrong because it more resembles a third or fourth issue sixpence, judging by the portrait, and the proximity of the corner of the shield to the beaded ring.


Thanks in advance!

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A nice acquisition, Ikaros! What is its diameter? This should be able to pinpoint its attribution.

Something told me I should have measured it, and I didn't. I would actually say it's probably comparable to a "modern" shilling. It's larger than the last size of sixpence. But I think the hammered silver coins were larger than their later counterparts, yes?


Anyway, next time I have it in hand (I'm in a coffeehouse at the moment), I will get its dimensions.

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I'm thinking sixpence as a quarter is about the same size as a milled shilling, which is thicker, and has a smaller diameter than hammered pieces.

I was figuring it for a sixpence for the same reason, yeah. Still looking for some positive identification online.


I probably should also note that the reverse is rotated almost 90 degrees CCW from medal alignment. The more I study it, the more interesting it gets!

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I'm wondering though if threepence might also be a possibility.

No, looks like the threepence is about the size of a penny (Google Images for the win!), and this is definitely quarter sized.


There is what looks like a Spink number (S2593) on the card that came in the flip, but the number refers to a milled issue of 1561 and the design details do not match this coin.


This is like a detective story!

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When I'm back home I'll have a detailed look for you. It looks a lot like a clipped sixpence from what I can see.

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