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Anyone in town for the CONA show?


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Central Ohio Numismatic Association show up in Dublin this weekend. I'll be there all day tomorrow, spending new money on old, searching out those Jeffs and 1963s. If you're there and want to say hi, I'm chunky, average height, brown hair going gray, glasses, and I'll have a black nylon backpack (out of which most likely will be my ear-buds--I'm always listening to stuff) with a "No On 5" button on it -- that's the only thing for sure I know I'll have with me.


If they allow photography, I'll try to get some shots. Lots of booths packed together very tightly. $2 at the door, so you can't beat the entrance price.

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Your avatar is really perfect for this post.


It was a good show, some great deals were had - I'm drawing up the list of my haul for my purchases thread. And the 1st prize in the raffle was won by the person standing next to me... and the first two syllables of whose name sound enough like mine for me to have a momentary palpitation (first prize being an MS61 Indian Head quarter eagle).


This happens all the time to me -- at Ohio Linuxfest two years ago, there were seven people sitting directly around me in the hall during the drawing. Six of them won prizes. I did not. :blink:

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