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Keeping a virtual collection


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I have once considered doing a collection of pics for a virtual Canadian type set, but I never got around to it, not to mention their might be legalities, though it shouldn't really be a problem if it's for personal purposes.


Myself, I have scans of most of my type sets, and upload some of them to omnicoin. I also use omnicoin to store pics of coins which I no longer own, so I can take a look at them if I'd like (though most of them have actual pictures from their new owners which are far superior :ninja: )


What about the rest of you?

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Guest Stujoe

I wish I could get off my butt and image all my coins. One day I will. I started it once a long time ago but never got past the IHC's and part fo the Wheaties.


I do have some images saved from coins that I have seen online that I really liked. I wouldn't say it is a virtual collection as there is no rhyme no reason except that I thought the coins were cool.

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