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Pre WWII Hitler medallet or token

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I sold most of my collection (or large accumulation of anything and everything if you will) this past Spring, but saved some interesting items that I'll be selling off slowly in the months to come.


I'm offering a small (about the size of a US cent) brass medallet or token...the same as the one seen here...





The computer/camera combination that I used previously is no longer in service, and since I've not bought another, if I don't have images on my photobucket account I'm going to have to post items with a reasonable likeness and a return policy. The piece that I'm offering is in about the same condition as the one offered, maybe an AU by US standards. There are a few marks and light scratches on the token and like the one in the link, it's got some small areas of brown discoloration on the brass, the most notable is above the 0 of the 30 on the reverse. I believe that this is a harder to find piece and am pricing it at $55.00 delivered with a full return policy. PM me if interested.

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