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Well, Stujoe got the ball rolling.


Today, I sent out press releases to Coin World, Numismatic News, and a few other places. I will post announcements online later.


I have often said on rec.collecting.coins that numismatic writers drive the hobby. Then someone comes back and calls me arrogant. :ninja: I consider online writing an important -- and underappreciated -- aspect of numismatics.


A newbie comes to someplace like this and asks "What is this coin?" and they get an answer. Usually, it is pretty straightforward, common things being common. Less often, but perhaps more important, the answers generate more questions and people go back and forth a bit exchanging information to prove a point. The online world can do this. Print cannot, usually.


Now, there is a magazine called PHYSICS LETTERS. Physics is a mature study and it has several important periodicals. However, it needed one just for that kind of discussion and this was all before the internet and WWW made it possible. Well, we do not have NUMISMATIC LETTERS and we do not need it now. We have Coin People and the other online opportunities, the sites, listservs, groups, etc.


The collectors who willingly share great information via these virtual interactions generally go unrecognized. I intend to fix that problem by issuing awards.

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Well you know me Michael i'm up for any numismatic debate even if i'm coming from a totally unorthodox angle or if i'm just plain wrong... i'm not fussy. :ninja: But i enjoy talking about coins both on basic levels and on more advanced levels.


This is definately a step (or three) in the right direction and i heartily welcome it! ;)

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I gotta ask a question - how in the world have I missed this ? I mean, according to Mike's welcome post it's been here since August :ninja:


The only reason I found it now is because I read about it this month's Numismatist and said to myself - Huh - the NOW forum ?? On CoinPeople ??


Well anyway - I found it, better late than never I guess ;)

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