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Auctions with Russian coins & medals in September 2011


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I hope everyone had a nice summer days :) , but September is coming with new interesting auctions. Please consider a list below.


The September 2011 Auction Schedule


of auctions around the globe,


containing russian coins, medals, awards


If anyone wants to add one/few other auctions pls do so !



September 09 Heritage Auction Galleries, Auction 3015, Long Beach, USA

Septemebr 10 Finnish numismatic society Auction 379, Finnland

September 10 Russian numismatic house, Auction 14, Moscow, Russia

September 12 WAG Westfälische Auktionsgesellschaft, Auction 57, Dortmund, Germany

September 14 Classical Numismatic Group, Auction 88, PA, USA

September 17 Auction house "Imperiya", Auction 17, Moscow, Russia

September 19-21 Rauch Auction, Vienna, Austria

September 24 Auction house "Alexander", Auction 17, Moscow, Russia

September 30 Fritz Rudolf Kuenker GmbH, Auction 198, Osnabruk, Germany


P.S. Internet auctions 24/7 with russian coinage:




P.S. All dates of auctions taken from sixbid.com, m-dv.ru and private calls

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Not much else here in the way of Russian coins, but a nice Armavir set of different denominations:


CNG auction 14. Sept. (on www.sixbid.com)


thank you, added :)

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