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Silver Canadian coin sets - SOLD

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I have six Canadian six coin date sets in Whitman and Screw together (not Capitol) holders to sell. The sets are from 1959, 60, 61, 64, 65, and 67...some appear to be unc., some look like PL. The majority of the coins are decent, although the 25 and 50 cent in the 1964 set have larger areas of contamination/discoloration on them and are strictly bullion. I looked at a couple sets for varieties...the 1967 dollar looks to be a 15% or so diving goose variety - but it's very heavily bag marked, the 1965 cent has a couple neat string strike-throughs and the 5 cent might be the extra beaver claw variety - it would help if I knew what I was looking for. The 1961 5 cent is a beautiful coin. I no longer have books on Canadian varieties and did a bit of research on line, but didn't find out much, so there might be some other varieties among the coins. Each set contains 1.11 ounce (ASW) of silver. $220 (delivered to US addresses), cash, check, MO for the six sets...I'll ship elsewhere, but you'll have to pay the additional postage. Price (including delivery) is about 25% below spot at today's (8/19) silver price. PM me if interested.

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