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I'm new here. Recently I found many russian coins from my house and I wanted to show them to you also and maybe get some information about their value. I'm not planning to sell them, maybe even try to complete Nicholas II coins set. Sorry about some older coins because this subforum is meant to be Nicholas 2 only.


Unc condition kopeks, there are a lot more of them:



Sorry about the wrong date:



This one is in bad condition:



One silver 20 kopeks also:



This gold coin is in excellent condition:


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Good luck building a Nicholas II date set. There is one coin that is unique (1898 25 kopeks) and many others are tough dates. You can get out from under that 25 Kopeks by deciding not to collect proofs.


I didn't even finish my Nicholas II type set after ten years. I included commemoratives (good luck finding a Gangut or Alexander III that doesn't break the bank--I did not) and the Finnish series, but what was most galling was being unable to find a polushka without mint mark. I passed one up before deciding the no mint mark was a different type, and could never get one after that though admittedly my list of trusted sources was short.

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