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Latest find !


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Don't usually run across money from the UK here in Tennessee, Mexico and Canada yes, so this was a surprise !


A local retailer took this in as a USD, so it only cost me the USD to replace it.




Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Nice crisp edges, lot of luster for a 1965, very happy



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It's a Churchill crown. These were kind of like 1964 JFK half dollars in that almost everyone kept them as souvenirs. Since the crown (5 shillings / 25 [new] pence) isn't even a regular circulating coin, they're almost always encountered in UNC :)

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Thanks ccg


As times get harder, more and more of what people were saving tend to end up back in circulation.

The local Quickie mart, took in a USD $10 1934A Demand note just last week in very nice shape. (haven't got that one....yet !)


So I don't guess there is any silver in the Churchill

The Whitman Modern World Coin book only goes up to 1964, so no price or metal content on hand.

Any idea of price, not going to sell, just curious if $1 USD was ok .



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thats spooky,i found one of those churchill coins today in one of our boxes,collywolly11.


It would of been spookier if you hadn't found one.

Over 16 million that never went into circulation but straight to the back of a cupboard.

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