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PCI2011 SILVER Entries

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Silver Group 8 Entries



1.YeOldeCollector, Silver, Group 8, Special Coins, King Coenwulf of Mercia prototype penny. This is an unrecorded type for King Coenwulf and is thought to be a prototype and nothing like it has been recorded. It has been cut and then folded to void its use as coinage. Totally unique.

2.YeOldeCollector, Silver, Group 8, Special Coins, Edward the Confessor gilded brooch penny. Expanding cross penny gilded and with silver pins, most likely a supporter's badge.

3.YeOldeCollector, Silver, Group 8, Special Coins, Robert of Anjou gigliato of Avignon mint. Contemporary forgery, most likely from Rhodes.



4.jtryka: group 8: 1964-D Peace dollar - Daniel Carr edition struck over genuine Peace dollar


5.jtryka: group 8: 1938 restrike Jefferson Nickel of the original proposed design



1v4=A;2v5=B;3 moves to Round2.

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