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1962 South Africa coin set

Dave Kane

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Hi, I've just made a £25 impulse buy! I bought a set of 7 1962 South Africa coins 50cent 20cent 10cent 5cent 2 1/2 cent 1cent and half cent coin in a red box inside the lid is a name and address

A. Bickel, Coins and Medals, 151 Jeppe street Johannesburgh. I was wondering if anyone else has a boxed set like this is it a mint proof set? or a set that has been made up by this Bickel shop? The coins have some tarnish but they look uncirculated.


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Bickells and Co is well known name here in South Africa. They are a very old Numismatic Dealer and have been putting together coin sets. The set you have is probably mint state. I believe they would hand pick the coin to put in sets so you probably got a very good set there. The 50c and 2.5c have particularly low mintages. At 25 pounds, I think you got a bargain. heres a set that sold recently on bidorbuy.


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