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Coin collection, restarting !


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Yeah, from this week moving ahead, all coins will be of my own.


The dial of my Meilink safe has stopped turning, so my fathers and my collection, is safe and sound, but out of reach.


I had bought 2 coins last month as a birthday present for my self, 1799 dollar, and a 1803 1/2 penny, now they seem so far out of reach, haven't even looked at them since I brought them home. I have been so busy photoing other stuff for insurance.


Hard to find good coins in the south, and I generally don't buy from dealers, just raw coins from individuals.


Time to hit the local business up and see whats being spent, missed a $20.00 Hawaii note not long ago, had just gone out in change before i could get there. I did get 10.00 in silver qtrs for face and 2 1921 morgans for face at the same Discount Tobacco store, people will not go without their cigs.



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The owner of the store called me, that someone had given him a strange $20, it had hawaii printed across the back, it was a wartime issue of the US $20 made for distrubution in Hawaii. I said I would buy it, but by the time I got there his dad had given it back out in change.


He did let me have $10 of silver qtrs for face value as well as 2 @1921 morgans for face/ $1.( 1/ good, 1/ XF)


I find more money when offering up deals to the local discount tobac and liquor stores for any odd looking old money.

People will pull out old money they were saving to buy cigs and booze, or their kids, grandkids, will.


Sorry if I was vague about it



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