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Coins and Paper Currency

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I have 21 different coins and 8 different paper currencies. All from various parts of the world. Is there anyone that I can talk to that can give me an idea of the value. Any help would be appreciated.

1 estados unidos mexicanos 20, 1960

1 georgivs VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX, FID: DEF: IND: IMP: 1948 Two Shillings

1 new zealand Oueen Elizabeth the second one penny, 1958

1 new zealand King George the sixth one penny, 1951

2 cinco centavos, 1961

1 georgivs de gratia rex 5 cents canada,1952

1 elizabeth II D G Regina, 5 cents, canada, 1968 and 1964

2 common wealth of the bahamas, Elizabeth II, 1973, 10 cents

1 Eire, 10p, 1969

1 Eire, 2p, 1971

1 new pence, 2, 1971

1 repvbblica italiana, 10, 1952

1 silver canada, 10 cents, 1957

1 canada, 1 cent, 1964

2 coins i can't read the writting (japaneese maybe)

1 japanese government fifty centavos PI

1 japanese government 10pesos PE, and some other canadian currency, and bahamas monetary authority currency


all in excellent condition. Can anyone help...

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Aside from the 1957 Canadian 10 cent, which is worth about $2 retail for the silver, the other coins are all pretty common low value stuff that was likely leftovers from someone's travels around the world.


If you know a kid who has in interest in the hobby, I'd give them the coins to add to their collection.


The two Japanese pieces are from their occupation of the Phillipines during WWII, worth perhaps $1 each. Canadian and Bahamas banknotes are spendable in their respective domains, high grade and/or earlier notes would have a premium above face value.

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