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russia 10 rouble - 1911 value?


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Hi! Have a 1911 russian 10 rouble gold coin. Approx. AU condition.


Only 50,000 reported minted (per Krause). Have seen valuations all over the place.


Your ideas appreciated.

Welcome to CoinPeople! :art:


Krause is arguably the most unreliable source for data about Russian coins. The valuations are so out of date, and the mintage figures contain many mistakes. Even the coin weight of five rouble gold coins of Nicholas II given is wrong (should be 4.3g), although the fine gold weight in Troy ounces is correct.


The early Soviet government (ca. 1924 or thereabouts) struck gold coins with dies from the last years of Nicholas II in quantity, apparently in order to make international payments to governments which didn't yet trust the new government back then. Although there are no documents which prove it, it is generally accepted that a lot of 1911 ten rouble coins were among this production. Obviously, it is NOT as rare as the official mintage numbers would suggest. IMHO, it is almost as easy to obtain as any of the 1899 ten rouble coins. 1903 and 1904 are much more difficult to obtain. The years 1909 and 1910 are easily the rarest of the series which can actually be collected (with exception of 1906 and 1907, of course, which are so scarce that normal collectors probably never get to see one outside of a museum).


(Correction: No 10 rouble gold coins were struck with date 1907, only 5 roubles!)


Valuations fluctuate frequently with Russian coins. One good source of recent prices is the website http://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/ (unfortunately, only in Russian). It might be worth about $400-$450 in today's market in AU condition.


Good luck!

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