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Webster's Patent Aluminum Metals

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One of my more unusual tokens in my aluminum collection is struck in white metal (probably copper-nickel) instead of aluminum. Webster held several early patents for aluminum processes, but I don't know anything more at this point about the company. I suspect this token is from around 1890.



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One option is A Guide Book of United States Tokens and Medals (Official Red Book) by Katherine Jaeger. Otherwise it is a wide open field with so many options for collecting. Some artists have catalogs (Karl Goetz for example), or state trade tokens (many states have catalogs), or hard times tokens, or German Notgeld, etc. The Token and Medal Society is one place to start (http://www.tokenandmedal.org, I am the webmaster) or Medal Collectors of America (http://www.medalcollectors.org/). Jaeger's book will give you an overview of the US field. It is a place to start and then you can go from there. Here at Coin People, you will find Napolean, French Jetons, British Medals, Russian Medals, and a whole host of other topics. You can also collect by topic. I have one friend who collects lighthouses, coins and medals from around the world. He has something new to share every month and some are spectacular pieces that I would never see otherwise. It is great fun and easy to find something in your range of budget whatever it might be.




Neat token Bill.


Is there a reference guide to go by on the Exonumia

Not an area I ever thought of till I joined here.



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