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BEP Pamphlet giveaway

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I have a supply of new BEP pamphlets detailing the Security features of the $5, $10, $20 , $50 and the new $100 banknotes. As I have more than I need, I am willing to disperse a few of them here. Their size is large (7 inches X 10 inches)but they are thin, being only 12 pages - including the cover. The information is sparse, and isn't more than you'd easily find on your own, but the large color images are rather nice, and it's a nice extra to have in a US collection. Due to postage and the larger envelope needed, I am limiting this to five (5) pamphlets. More may be given later.


To claim one, simply respond here with a message and claim one. Then be sure to send me a private message with your shipping address. If you're the fifth person, please indicate in your post that you claim the last one so others can easily see that they're gone.


Here's a pic of the open pamphlet with a US $1 for comparison only: 333hav4.jpg

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It's a neat brochure. I have one, so no request from me. One of the fellows at the coin club brought a bunch back from one of the FUN shows. Very nice of you to make this offer.

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Well, that's four out of the five I was starting with. I have many more, but as there doesn't seem to be any further interest in them, I'll go ahead and close this giveaway.


Glad you guys got them so quickly and like them. ScottO should get his soon - it's going by carrier pigeon across the pond.

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